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Discover influencer marketing


Influencer marketing is on the rise! Wax Interactive and SQLI are welcoming you to join us on our Wax Thursdays & SQLI Thursdays during an interesting breakfast session about Influencer marketing.

This trending topic has a lot of commotion around it: how can you detect fake vs real influencers suited for your brand or company and use influencer marketing to generate sales out of your campaigns?

We will share some real life cases & useful tips on how to give a good briefing to your influencers so that the end result matches your expectations and you know how to track the results.

We will organize 2 sessions:

  • Thursday 14 March @ our office in Brussels
  • Thursday 21 March @ our office in Ghent

Both sessions will start with a free breakfast (8h30-9h00), followed by a 1 hour presentation (9h-10h), and afterwards time for Q&A (10h+).

You're welcome to join us for the following sessions:

  • Thursday 14/03 in Brussels from 8.30 - 11.00
  • Thursday 21/03 in Ghent from 8.30 - 11.00

Both times we start with a free breakfast (8h30-9h00), followed by a 1 hour session (9h-10h), and afterwards time for Q&A (10h+).

Catch up with the latest trends with real client cases, the right tools & best practices!